Guess Who's Following Me On Twitter?!

Jul 26, 2010 in ,

Somewhere last week (or 2 weeks ago…), I tweeted @ going "follow me? :D". He didn't reply - not that I really expected one - and I left it at that. Then I decided to check who's following me a couple of days later, and guess who was on that list?! Greyson!! I may or may not have let out a loud little scream.

He was "discovered" a couple of months ago on YouTube singing Lady Gaga's song Paparazzi. I can honestly say that I'm glad to have been one of those first people to watch that video! He's written 2 songs that he has up on his YouTube. I find it odd to find an musician who's younger than me interesting… And so I'll not go crazy over this. It depends how his first single goes, I guess! Ellen Degeneres has signed him!