I Don't Really Know What This Post Is About

Jul 28, 2010 in , ,

Okay, I think I’ve gotten over that... person. For today, at least. Today, yesterday, and a few days before that. Let’s see how long this lasts. Here’s a little fun fact about me that I bet you didn’t know: I once stopped liking a person for half a year, then relapsed back.

Oh, relapse. That brings back memories from my 40-something-page-long thread... I should post that fanfic here sometime! There are bits of it that seem somewhat good. But it is l-o-n-g. As in, novella length. Bah, why am I talking about that old thing?! I need to finish that other story... that was more of a scenario than an actual story. That I’ll post, eventually.

Gosh, look at me, sidetracking again. I go from how I’m over that person, to some old story that you’ve all read a million times over on here. Yay. I think that's enough rambling out of me for today, so I'll just stop typing. Do carry on doing whatever you were doing before. Though I'd love it if you could VOTE FOR DAVID ON THE TCAs. Which reminds me that I need to do a whole post on that...