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Jul 17, 2010 in

A Walk To Remember - Nicholas Sparks

Before reading this book, I had very high expectations of it, and you don’t need me to tell you why that was. Sadly, I was disappointed by a mile, and I didn’t like it.     Call me crazy, but I didn’t find it as fantastic as it was all worked up to it. Sure, I liked Landon, and the process in which he became a completely different person, but I feel like Jamie was too much of a constructed character, which bothered me. There weren’t much surprises in Jamie’s character, so that didn’t go too well with me. In a way, I guess Jamie had to stay the same since Landon changed so much, but I still would have preferred it had she not acted within certain set rules about her character. But, like I said, Landon’s transformation was beautiful. The ending was the best part of it all. I can’t say why I liked it best without spoiling it for whoever hasn’t read it yet, so I won’t go there. I’ll just say that the beginning and the end were the most well written parts. The length was also something that disappointed me. While I can’t exactly say it was too short considering the length of my own novel, my expectations had somehow made it out to be at least 200 pages long. So while the length did disappoint me, it didn’t take away what I liked about this book, because like they say, quality is better than quantity. With everything said and done, I honestly don’t see the hype about it, and it certainly didn’t enter the best 5 books I’ve ever read.


Can You Keep A Secret? - Sophie Kinsella

The story opens with a scene that seems important in Emma’s current boring life. It’s supposed to be this big, career changing event, but when she accidentally spills Panther Cola on an important person, that’s put out of the picture soon enough. When she heads back home on a plane - mind you, she’s mildly afraid of airplanes - and the air turbulence signal comes on, and she’s convinced that she’s going to die, she finds herself pouring out her innermost secrets to the stranger sitting next to her. She feels great after this outburst, sort of like a free therapy session. After all, he’s just a stranger, right?

It’s completely hilarious throughout, and even in serious situations, it’s still a light read. Just about everything in the story is deliberate, which makes it all the better when you read something later, then realize the connection to something that happened earlier. I don’t usually re-read books unless I’ve got a good reason tom but in this case, I found myself re-reading just a few weeks later, and I laughed just as hard, or even harder. A light read that’ll take your mind of other serious things in your life. Loved, loved, loved it!