A Nonsicle Montage

Jul 12, 2010 in , ,

This video, and it's rather odd name, would be the result of relatives watching some people sing, while I loudly proclaim David's the best singer, then me deciding to stop harassing them and just go open up my Mac. Then taking random pictures of myself for some reason that I've yet to discover, flipping through them really fast, then deciding that a montage would be cool. I've realized that iMovie confuses me. And GarageBand doesn't have a "fade-out" filter… Which is why this montage is rather… bad. Oh, well!

The background music is the intro for Telephone (feat. Beyonce) by Lady Gaga.

Yes, this montage flips incredibly fast, and the intro takes up about 1/3 of the overall time. Yes, I am aware that this is a really random piece of visual information. In fact, it's not information at all! Unless you can count the fact that I still haven't gotten my braces off (a year and a half more!) yet information.

But, like I never get tired of saying, this is my blog. And if I feel like suddenly posting videos that make no sense at all, I should, right? And if you feel like, say, making that video a favorite, or subscribing to my YouTube, you should, right? ;)