Oh Look, Hi David!

Jul 10, 2010 in

NOTE: Before I say anything, or you read anything, I want to make it 100% clear that this is NOT David.

I signed into FaceBook, as usual, and I see that I've got a new message. From David Archuleta. It pops up, all pretty and blue, and it reads (click the pic to enlarge)…

See that one bit on the bottom left? That's my boy, right there! And mind you, I don't say "sweetie" on a daily basis. But come on, when he says your name with a little heart, you can't just go "heyy"! But of course, "David" made some excuses that had to do with the dang timezone - you know, us being 10k miles apart doesn't help anything - and bade me farewell.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of David, let's dig a lil' deeper into that profile pic he's sportin'. Look at this piece of gorgeousness below. Look at it! I love whoever took this, though I've gotta say I'm not such a big fan of the background… But hey, at least David looks 19! It's way better, and much more appropriate than - ahem - some of the other photoshoots I've seen.

Gorgeous! I'm still trying to find the exact font, though… I just realized that there's blue lighting in his hair lol. The photographer has been rumored to be the fabulous Matt Clayton, but sadly, he confirmed that while he was present and performing some duties at the album's photoshoot, he wasn't the photographer.

And just because I'm a relentless, unashamed promoter/fan of David… Remember: you can buy Something 'Bout Love (click here for the lyrics), and preorder his NEW ALBUM here on July 20th (you can buy Something 'Bout Love on iTunes, too)! Unknown goodies will be involved… which are sadly unknown to even my super team of ninjas, aka the Archies.

EDIT: David's site just put up a code to embed it! Which means, it's official, which also means I won't be breaking any invisible rules if I post it. Here you go - enjoy!