Something 'Bout Love - Out July 13th

Jul 1, 2010 in ,

You heard read it right! After months and months of waiting, DAVID ARCHULETA's brand new single will be out on July 13th! On the 28th, a 30 sec snippet was released! And earlier today, AOL Radio released it! FlyFM also premiered it today! Yes - a Malaysian radio station had the honor of doing this. Doesn't that just make you so proud?! So, if you want to hear it, check it out there! They stream live here.

Don't be shy to request it, either! You can request it online here (but the link isn't working today…), or, you can call them at 03-77241144!

Remember these awesome dates, too:

July 13th - official release (US citizens will be able to purchase it there)
July 20th - iTunes release
July 26th - official day where radio play will start (though it'll most likely start a lot sooner)

NOTE: Sorry, but I won't be posting any kind of unofficial links to the song until the 13th.