This Feeling Is Suckish

Jul 15, 2010 in

I hate that feeling, don’t you? That feeling you get deep in your gut when you realize that maybe you’re not over him after all. See, it doesn’t just come for a week, then leave. It lingers there, always reminding you... It’s just so darn irritating.

The first time I liked this person, it was fun. It was a distraction for me to get my head out of more serious stuff, and just... like him, you know? Then it got worse when I just didn’t stop. It nagged, and it nagged, and it freaking nagged on!! But I survived intact. Eventually - and I do mean eventually - I got over the little fool. I felt great for a little while, because that nagging feeling finally left me. Then, it came back. Honestly, couldn’t it just leave me alone?! I get over the guy for a couple of months, even talk to him perfectly fine and all that, then BAM. Let me tell you: It. Sucks.

This probably isn’t something a normal person would do, but I just feel so mad at it all I want to punch it - him, it, the feeling, does it really matter? - in the face. BAMBAMBAM.

Dangit. I don’t even know why I’m writing this. I shouldn’t even be wasting my time! I mean, c’mon. I’ve got way better things to do! But I needed to vent. I should just change this into.... hm. A’s Venting Blog. Ew, never mind. That sounds disgusting for some reason. Is it my fault that my head hurts right now?! Uh, I don’t think so! Whatever. I’m just going to step a-w-a-y from this screen, and, as David would say, “do something more productive”. Though he probably meant something like, oh, I don’t know - write an award winning song, or rearrange his closet. I doubt he rearranges his closet, though... Maybe steam iron something. Or rake the leaves. Or sing in the shower, but that doesn’t sound all that important. OH! I know. Go to a sauna. He’s always said that it helps his voice.

Excuse me while I a) write an award winning song for David Archuleta, b) rearrange David Archuleta’s closet (and ahem, look for the shirt I love so much), c) steam iron said shirt, d) rake the leaves from the Archuleta backyard even though it’s summer, e) wait for 6am PST for David Archuleta to wake up and sing in the shower, and f) drag afore-mentioned David Archuleta into a sauna. Bye, now.