What I Did Last Weekend

Jul 23, 2010

This is rather late, since it’s almost the end of the week now, but no matter. I shall proceed to inform you of every single detail of my weekend. Well, some details are - ahem - strictly confidential... So I woke up on Saturday feeling pretty good because it was the weekend, and I was so looking forward to doing absolutely nothing. I gobbled down my breakfast, then headed to class (yes, you Americans, I do have class on a Saturday. So there’s no need to tweet me whenever I say I’m on my way there). Then somewhere in that journey, my uncle called. And guess what? My cousins were coming over for a sleepover! What did I do next? I freaked out over the fact that I hadn’t scheduled my iReview post, of course!

I got to class, found out that no one new was in class, I had a new teacher, and one person might have dropped out (then again, this is the same person who goes once every 10 weeks or so). Basically, nothing new or exciting. Went to pick up my uncle, then to pick my cousins up! We went back home, did some... stuff, and somewhere in between, I managed to get that iReview up. Note to self: Always schedule posts that have to go up on a certain date. We went out to dinner, which was rather interesting.

I gushed over my lil cousin the whole time (he’s 5, and a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e), and talked with my other cousin (who’s almost my age, and a girl). It was really fun! We watched movies, didn’t pig out on a ton of food, watched more movies, talked, and for some reason, completely unintentionally ended up watching 2 Lindsay Lohan movies. And after they left, I watched The Parent Trap for 15 mins. My weekend was well filled with lots of Lohan indeed.

So all in all, I had a pretty great weekend, and I hope you have a great on, too!