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Aug 28, 2010 in ,

If You Could See Me Now - Cecelia Ahern

When I first saw the title to this book, I figured it’d be about moving on, but the meaning behind it is much more literal than I ever imagined.

32-year-old Elizabeth is a realistic woman who colors her life in beige, leaving no room for such fairytale-like things like rainbows, or wishing upon dandelions. Having brought herself, and her little sister, Soairse, up, having a mother who disappears of her own accord, Elizabeth sees no children in her future. But then Soairse gets pregnant, leaving her to once again mother a child she neither had nor wanted.

Elizabeth adopts Luke in due time, and takes care of her nephew as he were her own. But with her own past, she can’t bring herself to express much love for Luke, having not been loved enough herself.

Ivan is Luke’s imaginary friend, but when Elizabeth, who sees everything in black and white, starts to see him, they both fall head over heels for each other. There’s just one problem: Ivan can’t stay with any “friend” forever.

This is a beautiful book by Ahern that’ll make you wish upon stars again. The character progress in Elizabeth was flawless, but I felt that Ivan sped along too fast, while in Soairse, it was just too much of a shock. She should’ve paid attention to everyone instead of just focusing on Elizabeth. Still, I found myself laughing along at Ivan's naivety, and crying when Elizabeth realizes the truth in the lies she'd created for herself. I really think that everyone should read this little gem!