Notebooks vs. Keyboards

Aug 10, 2010 in

In the writing world, there are obviously two side. Those of us who prefer to actually write, and those of us who prefer to type. Which do YOU prefer?

Paper is easy in a way, because you can write wherever, and whenever you want. It’s also good if you’re the type of person who likes to add comments here and there. But as for downsides, they’ve definitely got to be the fact that you don’t have the backspace button. You can’t add in extra bits and pieces wherever, and you only have one copy. Sure, you can scan it, but seriously - you can’t send it as a real file. And if your handwriting’s bad, well... I’m sure you all know how well that would work out. So the paper/pencil route is definitely for those organized people with neat handwriting who don’t spend too much time on their computers. But then again, there are certain things that though needs to be written down, doesn’t ever need to be copied word-for-word. Take plots (or blogging ideas), for example. While it’s always better to write these ideas down before you forget, you’re not going to have to copy these. It just keeps track of all of your creative ideas, and whenever you feel like

Typing, however, is a whole different experience. First, you’re privy to the beautiful backspace/delete button. Using a computer allows you to add stuff in all the time. Extra pages, fancy numbering, you name it. Another thing, is that it’s easier to research your facts on the Internet. Easily readable files can be sent with a click of a button. Multiple copies can be stored in a variety of places, so you don’t ever have to worry about loosing it. But, of course, typing also has its bad points. For one, you’ve got to do it on a device. And most people don’t usually like typing on tiny buttons, so that device usually has to be a computer. Which means, that you can’t just scribble down this brilliant line you have, or that career changing idea. You have to wait. Typing is the way for me, mainly because my handwriting is bad, and I don’t like the possibility of one day having to type that thick, note-filled notebook into my computer.