Venting About David's Hair

Aug 12, 2010 in , ,

I think it's about time to let out all of my frustration about David's hair! You heard right - his hair.

I really loved his hair before the whole fiasco with Lupe and his hair being longer. Remember the issue of Singapore’s Teenage Magazine with this giant poster of David? That was my favorite hairstyle for him!

I’m just going to apologize for what I’m going to say next first. So, I’m sorry. His hair during 2009’s American Idol appearance? It’s... in lesser terms, not my favorite haircut for him. Don’t get me wrong - he looked AMAZING, what with that little tie and those white pants - but his hair left my jaw gawping on the floor.

(Not the best pic ever, but I spent about 15 mins searching for this, so deal with it. I never knew it could be so hard to find)

I was so glad when he showed up at that event with Jonah (I forgot what it was called... but it was in Utah. I think he was sing at halftime for Utah Blaze? A sasquatch was present.) with the - ahem - fringe tamed.

His hairstyle in the Something ‘Bout Love music video was interesting. While I found it really hot, and suitable for a music video, it’s still not my favorite. It was spiky - and all-important trait with David’s hair - but a little too much.

Nonetheless, I’m loving his current hairstyle (as of 2009’s TCAs), which is still spiky, but toned down a ton compared to the music video.