Jive Brushes Aside "Something 'Bout Love"

Sep 18, 2010 in

Note: Before I begin this, I'm not sure if this is "positively David," which is why I posted it here instead. Okay, now on to the real matter at hand!

As quoted recently, Jive has called Elevator the first single off of The Other Side of Down. Now stop. Does anyone remember a little song called Something 'Bout Love? Clearly, Elevator is not the first single. Don't get me wrong - I love Elevator, but it's as if Jive wants to erase Something 'Bout Love.

It was pretty much a flop, but seriously, don't deny your mistake, Jive. Own up to it. So Something 'Bout Love wasn't the hit song of the summer. Does that effect Elevator? Unless they go around putting up press releases saying "Elevator is the single after Something 'Bout Love, which basically died," no harm is going to come to Elevator by saying that it's the second single.

I'm sorry to say that I have never been much a fan of Jive's handling of David, but this really gets to me. I hope it was just a mistake, but even if it was, a label as prestigious as Jive should've thought twice before making such a huge blunder. Or maybe, don't send their interns out to speak for the first time on Elevator.