Shake - Jesse McCartney

Sep 8, 2010 in ,

This awesome song just made its debut on Tap Tap Revenge (and YouTube, but not iTunes - yet) today! After a few weeks of waiting for this, I'm ecstatic to finally hear it! It has an awesome dance vibe to it, and I've already fallen heads over heels in love with it. Then again, I could fall in love with just about anything Jesse sings…

Verse 1:

I met this girl down the block from me
Used to tell myself she was too hot for me
But then I saw her at the corner store
So I ran on over just to grab the door
I got her number we started chillin (hey)
We started buzzin, we got addicted
Now I, I'm the one she can't live without 
I bet that's her right now


Shorty hittin' me up 
Says she wanna re-up
Knows I got the best in town
Cuz when she get the shivers
She knows that I'll deliver
I'm the one that holds her down

She's about to break x4
And I won't let her wait x4
It's gettin' kinda late x4
And she just wanna shake x4

Verse 2:

One day she started texting me
Asked if she could borrow that recipe
I told her loving you is my specialty
She said well give it up up, give it up up
When she's away it's such a downer

And I miss her every time I'm not around her
Cuz she, she's the one I can't live without
I hope that's her right now 



I'm hooked on her
I must admit it
I'd do anything to get it
She hooked on it 
A bad habit 
She'd do anything to have it 
When she calls I know
Exactly what she wants from me
Yea anytime I hear my phone ringin'
She wants to shake it with me