I'm Such A Happy Mess

Oct 27, 2010 in ,

I've been in a great mood lately… There's just been a couple of things that make me ridiculously happy whenever I think of them. And for some reason, I feel like I'm falling in love with David all over again. Everything he does is suddenly adorable, and everything he does is super sweet.

But there are two things that are making me a mess right now. The first is that even though I'm finally free to write, I don't have any inspiration. No story lines come to mind at all whenever I try. I can only rewrite old stories so many times before I get bored. I need new material to write about, new plots, new characters to work on.

The other thing is that a certain… group is really making me angry. I won't go into details because I generally like positive things on my blog, but… They're just wasting a certain someone's hard work, and they're blaming people who have worked so hard to make sure that that hard work doesn't go to waste, when they are the ones who hasn't done anything at all. Just don't blame them, and don't put something out there to sink or swim when you could be doing so much more.