"The Other Side of Down" Has Arrived!

Oct 5, 2010

After 2 years of anticipation that just keeps building up, and 2 months of knowing the date, October 5th, 2010 has finally arrived. Can you believe it? Can you hold in that squeal that I just know is about to burst out?! After hearing David talk about songwriting all year and then some, it’s finally time to listen to what he’s thrown himself into. I’m so completely and utterly proud at what David has accomplished, especially at the fact that he co-wrote nearly all of the songs on this album. He’s finally become the songwriter and storyteller that I’ve always known he’d become.

Right now, my favorites are Falling Stars, and My Kind of Perfect, but with the rest of the album being so amazing, I’m sure my favorites will change every other hour. David really has outdone all of my expectations this time with the vocals, as well as the strong positive message that all of his songs carry. In songs such as Things Are Gonna Get Better, he nudges us on and tells us to never give up, and well, things are gonna get better and be okay. In more upbeat songs such as Elevator, he injects his abstract personality, and gives us a glimpse at the real David.

With that said, my inner fangirl and Archie is an emotional wreck. One second I’m squealing with excitement, and the next I’m close to tears, thinking about how far David has come since the first time I heard him. He makes me so proud to say that I’m an Archie. So, David, thank you so much for this experience... He’s taught me a lot of things these past 2 years, and has really helped me through a lot of things. His smile can never fail to brighten my day, and the sweet little things he says always turns my day sunny-side-up. Hearing this new album makes everything worth it.

I wish I could say more, but nothing I say will do this album or this journey any justice. The one thing I can say, is that at last, I can press play on the music that I’ve had to wait 2 years to listen to. Thank you so much, David, for the person that you are, and the beautiful music that you make.