Thanks For The Memories

Oct 25, 2010 in ,

A/N: I don’t want this poem to be judged before it is even read, so there’s another author note at the end of this to be read only after you finish reading this poem. One thing I have to say first, though, is that the words “before” and “after” aren’t part of the poem. It will make more sense as to why they are there once you finish reading. Also, please take a break after you read the first half. Pause, and hold your breath for a few seconds before you finish the rest of the poem please, and read slowly.



These are the last words I have from you;
Words I can’t bring myself to read.

I’ve been waiting for you for far too long,
And it’s time to let go.
So I’ll take a deep breath,
I’ll open my eyes, and I’ll read
These last words you’ve left for me.

I won’t miss you anymore,
And I won’t let myself say your name.
This is my last poem for you,
Just like these will be the last
Real words you have for me.



As it turns out, those last few words
Were just what I needed;
One last smile put on my face by you,
And one last time that you made me laugh.

I can finally let go of you now;
Keep our happy memories locked
Into the safety of what is the past.

Thank you for all the smiles;
All the lovely memories,
And all those times that you made my day.

Goodbye now… I’m letting go of you.

A/N: I guess it’s pretty easy to figure out the message behind this poem: letting go. I don’t usually like to explain why I wrote certain poems to a personal extent, but this one is special, so I must tell you a small part of the story. What I wrote about in the first half was real. I really was about to read something that, well, is what I wrote about there. So basically, I wanted the first half to be as raw and untouched as possible, so I barely did anything to it. As for the second half, it really explains itself, doesn’t it? I’m letting go, without any hard feelings at all. I’m the kind of person who will edit her poems over and over again, and figure out why each word was written, but this poem is too special to me  to go through all that scrutiny. This is my last poem for someone, and with that, I’ll bid farewell.