David Is In This Region

Nov 12, 2010 in

David is HERE, in Asia! Here's my post from FanScene.

Our wonderful David, as well as Melinda, Alfredo, and a few other crew-members have all arrived safely at the Changi Airport in Singapore!

Hello to you too, David! Nice to see you're wearing your green eggs and ham shirt again. Melinda is the one in pink shirt behind him, and Alfredo is somewhere hiding from the camera...

David talking to me: See you at the Showcase... He said... Oh OK… Faint!

MmeShahSG and David Archuleta
Me & David are so happy that we met again. Yay.... same 1st Asian women to greet him. What a Joy!!!!!

To give your memory a little jog, David will be at Zouk at 6pm on the 14th (Sunday) of November, and will have an autograph session on the 15th at Bugis Square at 7pm - 8:30pm strictly. You will need a copy of The Other Side of Down that's manufactured in Singapore (click here to read Sal's guide of how to check).

David Archuleta

To celebrate, I have a wallpaper for you! It's 1280 x 800 (I can change the size, though), and you can download it by just right clicking and saving. You might want to view the full sized version by clicking it, because the preview looks a little different.

Thanks, Syafiqah Fieka, for the video!

On a personal note, I'm freaking out because he's here, and I can't see him… I've still got about 20 more hours to see if things miraculously work out though, but it's a really slim chance. Does anyone want to help? :)