Feeling Eh

Nov 26, 2010 in

Maybe I'm just having a really late wave of withdrawals from David… I don't know how to sum this up lol. I just feel eh. Then there's this whole thing about an application that I need to submit soon that involves writing 4 essays, and probably more, since I need "school work samples" which are substituted with "suitable essays" or something to that effect. Then there's the fact that a certain form tells me I didn't fill it correctly…

To top it all off, I'm missing someone too much; way more than I should, and I absolutely cannot talk this person… or these people. Yay.

Strangely enough, though, looking at pictures of sweets on Tumblr seems to relax me greatly… Maybe I need more sugar.

From somewhere on Tumblr
And of course, everything David-related makes me squeal like the fangirl that I am. Now that I think of it, it actually could be that high-pitched frequency that's giving me this nagging headache.