I'm 14

Nov 21, 2010 in

It feels a little odd. When I met most of my archie friends, they were about 14. Now they're about 16, and I'm finally there. Age is a strange thing… I remember being little, feeling like 13 was so, so dreadfully far away, and now I'm waving it goodbye. It feels good too, though.

This year, I want to get back to feeling how I used to feel about writing when I first started. The excitement somehow left, this past year, so I hope that now that it's over, I can get that high back into my system. The inability to wait for the next day to get a scene down; oh, how I miss it.

So that's almost my entire goal for this year: to get back how I used to feel about writing, and to write more - much, much more. There's also something else, but that's a whole other story altogether.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, beautiful people.