I'm Creepily Happy That Someone Is Following Me

Nov 7, 2010 in ,

I have this friend that I met online a long time ago, and we never really were that close. The only reason we ever talking was because we kept going to the same places, and had mutual friends, lol. So anyway, he's on twitter, and I followed him a looooong time ago, but for some reason, he never followed me back. If I tweeted him, he'd reply sometimes.

Don't get the impression that he's a jerk, because he's not. I was pretty certain that I did something to insult him a while back… But anyway, he did something to say he wasn't mad at me, lol. For some reason, I've also thought of him as a pretty cool guy, which is why when I say that he followed me on twitter last week, I was super happy lol.

But for some reason, I'm still grinning cheekily about it. Then again, I've sort of waited a year for him to follow me, so I guess I deserve that grin, lol. I'd post a screencap too, but I don't feel like scaring him away by being creepy.