I'm Finding This Completely Ridiculous

Nov 3, 2010 in ,

Everything right now is just ridiculous. Everything is making me laugh deliriously, and not because it's funny. I don't even want to try to explain it, but it just is ridiculous. It's just so serious that it becomes completely hilarious, you know? Something to that effect…

On the bright side, I had a great dream last night, and I'm eating banana cake right now. While I still remember what it was about, I might as well share my dream. It wasn't great in the sense of the word, because there were very sad parts. But there was one single word that I said in that dream that made up for it all.

My dream started off in space - a space academy. You might be thinking that I'm headed off into an exciting journey, but you're wrong. The building's interior was like the Bird's Nest, but much, much bigger. It was round, though, but the steel pattern was about the same. It was very lonely being there… I got the sense that it was a boarding school, because I had my own room. Anyway, there were many, many headmasters there, because it was huge. There was one headmaster there who seemed to like me, lol. Then there was a main guy there, and he wanted to test a fire-drill. All of the headmasters were against it, because the building was still preliminary and stuff, but couldn't really protest (I guess he could fire them, stop funding, or something). I think I overheard them or something… But I didn't finish/remember that part of the dream, and while it may seem important, it really isn't. The thing that made up for the depressing stuff is that a friend of mine (and a relative too, but he didn't really do anything) was there. I said something I haven't called anyone in years, and for some reason, that made me really, really happy… I guess this is the one time that my subconscious has told me something (that I can relate to real-life) that I'm actually glad about.