It's Time I Wrote A Real Author Note

Nov 20, 2010 in , ,

I finally got around to watching David's performance of My Kind of Perfect at Zouk, and it was absolutely wonderful. I know I say this just about every time I watch a live performance, but this one is really inspiring. He has said so many times that My Kind of Perfect is the most personal song on this new album, and I admire him for that. As an artist, songwriter, or writer of any kind, you always have to show a side of yourself that you might never have wanted to show anyone. The fact that David can do that inspires me to do so too.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with author notes by now. I'm getting there. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but most of my author notes don't have anything to do with the contents of the poem at all. They usually say something about the length, and something else, like me trying out patterns or such. Very rarely do I ever talk about what inspired the poem. What with me doing all this over-the-top editing lately, I feel like my poems have lost what made them raw. I went from not editing at all (not saying this is a good thing; a round or two of proofreading is a good thing), to having no less than 5 drafts of the same poem. After such scrutiny, my original poems and their end results might as well have been two different pieces all together. While I'm still inspired to do so, I want to have some kind of written proof that says that I will try to write proper author notes, with the stories behind the poems and all.

If you're wondering how a simple song could be so inspiring, watch his performance of My Kind of Perfect. There are no words that can describe how beautiful and haunting it is.