Muse Wanted

Nov 10, 2010 in , , ,

Due to complications regarding her long-term muse, the author who runs this blog is currently seeking a “replacement muse” for future writes in the poetic form. She is looking for someone (or something) that can provide inspiration for extended periods of time. As all other jobs – for this is, indeed, a very serious occupation – a criterion must be met for prospective muses to be considered. Please keep in mind that the author is very critical when it comes to subjects of such manner. Below is a list of absolutely vital requirements, as well as several specific preferences.


o General:
     •   Has to be long-term
        Must be able to start ASAP
        Cannot be emotionally straining on author to the extent that he/she/it causes the block
        Must be accessible on a regular (if possible, daily) basis
        Stability would be a viable asset

o If human*:
          Must be someone that the author knows (or will know)
              Cannot be flawless
        Cannot, under any circumstances, know that he or she is a muse

If you still think that you are up to the challenge, do submit your application.

*Subject to change.
*Does not have to be human, however, objects such as rocks, etc, are not permitted.