Oh, Irony

Nov 13, 2010 in ,

A/N: The story behind this is pretty obvious… I'm really, really frustrated that I won't be able to see David while he is in Singapore. Wrote it last night, and I didn't really feel like editing, so it just went through a quick round of editing. It's supposed to be a little sarcastic, with a bit of old-school flair. I still love him just as much though; maybe a little more now that we'll be watching the same sunset. It's also on FanScene.

It always finds a way to hit me,
My dear old friend irony,
No matter how I try to avoid it.
It’s finally happening; you’re here at last,
But alas, you’re sucked into another whirlwind.

TV appearances, signings, autograph sessions.
How exciting it all seems
Compared to my own dreary life.

Listening, watching, waiting.
Waiting, waiting, waiting!
All this endless waiting that amounts to nothing.
Won’t you stop this hopeless game of cat and mouse?

The facts slap me across the face again.
You’re here, breathing the same air,
But seeing you is like trying to get
Into the eye of a tornado is one piece.
Oh, art thou irony. Why must thou love me so?