Pink Blossoms

Nov 14, 2010 in ,

A/N: Tried to make a sort of pattern with this one… Kudos to you if you can tell me what you think it's about.

Looking, searching.
Trying to find where I lost my mind;
Retracing where I’ve been in time,
Walking backwards, blind to the future.
Can’t stop looking for the place that stole a part of me.

Stop, rewind.
There it is again, that breathtaking view;
Pink blossoms framed by cotton-candy clouds in blue skies,
The full moon at midday.
Yes, I’m certain I lost it there.

Tugging, pulling.
Gravity keeps pulling me into another time;
Be it past or future unknown.
It pulls me closer,
The lure of pink blossoms.

Looking, searching.
I must find my lost mind;
Go where pink blossoms bloom,
Where I left my mind.
I must, before I lose myself entirely.