Please Come Back?

Nov 8, 2010 in ,

A/N: Wrote this quite a while ago… This is one of those poems that I said I couldn't stop editing. Now this phrase has pass, and I think that this poem is ready to be posted. I had another analogy I wanted to include, but it somehow fell out of its place. The last line (please don't skip there before reading) came to me first.

I never felt like I was just another girl
With an imperfect part of me I needed to hide;
Not when you were around.
You listened when I needed someone,
Reassured me that everything would be okay.
When they did turn out fine,
You’d always be right there to say
See, I told you so.

Then we stopped talking;
Mere worlds would simply state that we drifted apart,
But it was to be more than that, because time in itself
Couldn’t have torn us into different directions.

And yet the unforgiving wall of time stands between us,
The creator of which I know not the name of.
It promises to keep us in separate worlds
‘Til we remember each other’s names no more.

Conversations arise with the blue moon,
Subjects so meager it’s impossible to know
That it’s you I’m talking to.
So unlike those heartfelt conversations
I used to look forward to having.

Now I need you more than ever,
Because you’re the only one who could understand.
But I’m too afraid to breach this silence;
Afraid that our dismal drift apart will turn bitter,
Punctuated by more things I would’ve told you.

I miss you… Please come back?