Recap of The Bugis Autograph Session (15th Nov, 2010)

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I was just talking about not being able to go to Singapore, but surprise, surprise! I went after all, and it was absolutely amazing. It turns out that the 15th was my Chinese birthday, too… It's my normal birthday this Sunday, haha. It makes this all the more epic! Here's my extremely long recap. :)

The journey
On Saturday night, when all of the twitpics were flooding in, my parents finally agreed to bring me to Singapore! The next couple of hours consisted of Google Maps… I find it ironic that just the day before, I’d posted a poem here called Oh, Irony, which was about not being able to meet David, and it turned out that something ironic was about to happen. We left at 6:30am the next day, and set out for Singapore from Malaysia. It was supposed to be a 4-hour-long drive, but we got lost, so that became 6 hours. By an act of God, we somehow ended up on the right road while we were lost. After a quick lunch, we were off to Bugis Square!

The waiting
At Bugis, the guy pointed us to the Toast Box, where everyone was already waiting. I met @ there, who let us join her, haha. It was awesome to meet her! We talked for a while and stuff, until the guard asked us to move to a different queue, and people got shuffled around a bit. Then, we joined @, and talked for a bit! Somewhere along the way, I finally got to meet some Archies (including @, @, and a few others!) that I met on Twitter! Needless to say, they were an amazing group of people. ☺ They played the album somewhere along the way, so we’d sing bits of them sometimes.

There were these 2 ladies outside of the queue eating (we were next to McDonald’s) who obviously thought we were all a little crazy. That was rather amusing, lol. A tourist took a picture of the queue… It started raining after a while though, so we went in towards the stage. Then, I heard people cheering! It was way too early for it to be David (it was about 5 or so), but then, I saw his bodyguard! He was there for a while, so I talked to him a little…

The beginning
Fast forward an hour and some off-pitch singing on my part, the emcee arrived! He asked us if we were ready to see David, then told us to scream as loud as possible. We all screamed our very loudest, but David wasn’t there yet. Something ‘Bout Love was playing then, so we chanted to chorus as loud as possible. Eventually, David and his entourage arrived! He ran on stage, and was greeted by loud shrieks, and the emcee too. The guy asked him a couple of questions, including what he liked best in Singapore, to which he replied the people. We sang happy birthday to him after another question or two, and David grinned happily.

The meeting David part
After the birthday song, the emcee asked David to go down the stage (it was about 4 feet up lol) to sign for the first fan… which was me, haha. David scanned our side, but he didn’t catch me waving for 2 seconds, haha. I think he was looking for someone a little taller. So he came down, then he said the most amazing thing ever: “It’s been what, a year since we last met?” He remembers me! Most awesome feeling ever, haha. I was holding the inlay of the album, and my hand was holding the whole thing, if that makes sense, so when David took it, he brushed against my finger lol. When he signed it, I accidentally made a little high-pitched sound… Hopefully he didn’t hear that, haha.

"Good to see you again!"

"Good to see you again!"
My mom was behind me after that, so she asked him to sign one for her too! He was really great, and signed it for her. We gave him a blue bag which had a hai bao (it’s the mascot for the 2010 Expo), a Christmas card (early, I know), and a picture too. Then, one of my favorite bits (well, they basically all are, but you get my drift). My dad said hi to him and said that he’s my dad. David’s face lit up into a grin, reached out his hand, and sad “hey, sir!” So, David and my dad shook hands, and David called him sir, which I find so incredible. I got a quick picture with him too, but it’s not on my camera, so I need to find someone who has it… After that, David went back up the stage, and the autograph session began.

The watching
We went to the side of the stage after that and watched David. Melinda, Kari, and his bodyguard were right beside him. His album was still blasting in the background, so in between signings, he stopped to hum bits of Parachutes & Airplanes, and a line of Elevator. Alfredo was there too, so a couple of us got pictures with him, haha.

We were waiting really near to the exit, so when David left, he walked right by us, then quickly waved and said bye to me, and to my dad too!

Bye, David! This was my wave… Screencap from booradleigh's video.

And so concludes this very long recap of how I went to Singapore, and miraculously met David Archuleta. My brain was pretty much shrieks and screams all throughout the time David was there, haha. The 15th of November, 2010, definitely makes it into the best days of my entire life. I have to say that it seems like God planned everything out perfectly…

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