Grasping At The Fragments

Dec 14, 2010 in ,

A/N: This was written a little while ago, in the same state of mind as I was while writing Muse Wanted. The words are pretty easy to interpret, so feel free to take it however you want. Read away, and have fun while doing it!

My mind lingers behind on words I have said,
And my fingers waver, pining for the touch of ink.
Inspiration has left me, throwing behind
Nothing but recycled phrases and clich├ęs.
Don’t they all sound identical?
Me, I can’t tell my pieces apart.

Laughter still rings in the air;
The hummingbirds still sing,
But their songs fall to deaf ears;
To a mind that can’t put lyric-less songs into words anymore.

Inspiration left without a goodbye,
Taunting me as I grasp at ends,
Trying to gather together the fragments of my mind.

Alas, the mind of a poet can only do so much;
Only so many words can pour fourth
Before the mind retreats into an empty shell,
With a jaded poet to go with it.