Happy 20th Birthday, David!

Dec 28, 2010 in ,

It's the 28th of December, which means that it's David Archuleta's birthday today! He's finally turning 20, and he's been saying how excited he is to turn 20 for quite a while. We're all so proud of what he's managed to accomplished in such little time, and it's been a thrill ride to be able to follow him throughout his career thus far.

Dear David,
Blessed birthday! May this coming year bring you plenty of joy, love, and inspiration. You've already achieved a lot during your 19th year by publishing not just a memoir, which is something that most of us will never get around to doing, but by releasing an album that defines yourself as well. Thank you for sharing the talent that God gave you with all of us. Blessed birthday once again.

David said that he's been having his favorite food for his birthday for the past couple of years, so this is what I hope he's having for dinner again:

And since it's still the holiday season, here's a belated Christmas picture for David: