My Brain Can't Process Properly Right Now

Dec 18, 2010 in

I don't know what's going on with me, and frankly, it's quite scary. Yesterday I was finishing Suspicion, and I just couldn't process anything. Like, I understood what the words meant, but it didn't quite go into my brain. I was probably just tired yesterday, but it happened again today. The term "chief of staff" came on TV, and I just couldn't grasp it. What's going on here? Something like that isn't good for me. I need to be able to process information quickly, and taking 5 minutes to process a single sentence just won't do. It's not working with me. If you want to try to figure out what I mean, it's sort of like being awake at 5AM, but it only applies for over-grade-5 phrases, and doesn't have the hyper factor. The simple phrases I can handle, but some phrases just feel strange to me. It just started last night… I haven't been having enough sleep lately, so I really hope that's just it. I had a good 9 hours or so of sleep last night though.

While I'm telling you about my life, I'm starving right now for some reason, and this is what I'm having for lunch:

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