My Brain Is Bursting

Dec 22, 2010 in

This sniffly nose of my is sort of giving me a headache, but you didn't really need to know that. I'm so amazingly close to finishing a certain project that I can practically guess the last page number, but it's still so far away. I've got this really creepily simple thing to do, but there's so much about it that it takes hours, and hours, and even more hours. Then there's the fact that I seem to only be able to plot out how to finish that dang project while I'm actually working on it, or talking about it. Maybe that's why I decided to blog about it.

I had an idea for the ending that wrapped things up really nicely with the cherry on top, but that was too good. The rest of it had endless drama, and to end it like that would make it seem like I was at the end of my deadline. Then I had an idea to add some spice and imperfection to it, but now I can't remember the perfect idea. Just great.

There's another thing that I really have to think about, and I barely have any ideas for that. I do have a few, but the first (and best/most original, in my opinion) idea probably won't work because it's dependent on something else… The others are okay, but unoriginal. Need to think harder… Blah.