Tomorrow's Yesteryear

Dec 31, 2010 in

2010 has definitely been an interesting year. Schedule-wise, it was pretty laid back, but everything else was strange. My mind went to places that it had never gone before, and I can't really said I enjoyed that. I had the worst writers' block I've ever had thus far, too. But the thing, is, I got through that. I wrote through an insane block, and though it wasn't the most spectacular piece of work ever, that's why rewriting was invented. I finally managed to get over someone, and that wasn't something I expected at all.

There are definitely things that I haven't managed to accomplish this year that I'd planned to. The biggest one of all was to finish the sequel to The Last Chapter. I regret to say that it's still in the works… This was my resolution list:

  • Write another book
  • NOT have writers' block
  • Make my own Blogger layout
  • Finally reach 20,000 posts on LAF (almost accomplished it, but we - the site - moved)
  • Get 100 Blogger followers
  • Get 1,000 Twitter followers
  • Have more friends on FaceBook 'cause I've got less than 80 (lame one, lol)
  • Make 1,000th blog post

Haha I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna go through with the third one lol. The last one, soooooo gonna happen lolz!!

That's kind of odd, because I did the exact opposite of that. I made the layout I'm using now, but somehow, I didn't hit my 1,000th post… I'm pretty close, though! This coming year for sure.

Now that I think of it, that wasn't the best resolution list ever, haha. I've definitely got a better one in mind for 2011, though that 1,000 blog post thing will still be there.

January - March: Those few months were interesting to say the very least. This time was when my writers' block was at its worst, and it sort of got to me. That Chinese New Year's made it to my top 3, though.

April - June: The first 2 months were pretty great. I was finally getting my mind back and recovering from the block. Somewhere here, I started missing someone a lot, and that inspired a couple of poems. Looking back, maybe missing that person wasn't all that bad a thing, if it helped cure me of the block. Since I was free then, I made my blog's layout! For some reason, I keep going back to the Rexburg concert that David had in June. It's crazy to know that it happened half a year ago. David's memoir also came out then, so that was a pretty great time for all of us archies. The rest of June (aka most of June), however, was plain insane. I had to finish something, and worked on it for most of that month. I didn't think I'd make the deadline, but I did, and I'll always remember that.

July - September: These couple of months were probably the calmest in the whole year. Not much happened, but I was happy that way. I put up my new blog template in early July, and started iReview.

October - December: I took a hiatus from iReview then, just when I visited Shanghai (part 1, part 2). October was also the month that I got over that person that I was missing before. That was really a great time. In November, I met David again for the second time, which was just about the highlight of my entire year. I turned 14 later that month... December got crazy! I had to apply for something, and the preparations for that was (and is) a lot. It's calmed down now, though. Christmas Eve, as well as Christmas, was really wonderful! I got to spend it with my family, and had a blast.

This is my last post for the entire year, and to top that off, I've also finished the last page of my diary. What a coincidence, huh? I didn't really plan it, but it just happened to fall in place, and I'm really happy about it. 

It's time to close 2010 while it's on a happy note, so I'll end this post now.