Does Any Recognize This?

Jan 24, 2011 in ,

I was going through some folders and stumbled upon a filed titled "Being Malaysian." Curious, I opened it to find an article that I vaguely remember writing some time ago. But, while I remember writing it, I don't recall what it was for, and I definitely wrote it for some purpose.

Being Malaysian

Malaysia is a multicultural country, where people hail from many different places, like China, India, and, of course, Malaysia itself, for example. We have quite a few languages, like Mandarin, Bahasa Malayu, and Tamil, with many different dialects within the Mandarin language like Cantonese, Teow Chew, and Hokkien.

And, of course, Malaysia can’t be complete without food. No matter which state – or city – you go to, you’ll always find a different specialty, whether it be “cendol”, “ice kacang”, or “asam laksa”. Amongst the Chinese delicacies include “bak kut teh”, and “shark fin soup”. For the Malay, there is the “satay”, which is basically barbequed – and burnt to perfection – chicken on a thin wooden stick. And for the Indian, there is “roti canai”, and “rojak”. Then, we have other foods from various other ethnics, and countries. We have pizza, pasta, steak, and all of those other foods that no one can live without.

Our heritage is displayed in many different museums, and states like Malacca are living pieces of history. There is also the much beloved “chicken rice ball”, and “cendol”. The buildings are almost a century old.

As for the climate, it’s summer all year round, and there are no earthquakes or hurricanes.

All in all, Malaysia is paradise for almost everyone.

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PS. I finished reading Catching Fire last night!