Looking Forward Involves Letting Go of the Past

Jan 1, 2011 in

I'm all ready to embrace this year, even though I have no idea what it may bring. It could be absolutely epic, super hectic, or maybe just something in between. Whatever happens this year, I'm ready to move on. It's not going to be easy, because now I have the choice of either trying my best to suppress the memories, or keep letting them come until they fade away slowly. I'm not sure which way I'm going to go yet, but I know I'll move on this year. I spent too much of 2010 looking back. 2011 is going to be all about looking forward. My resolutions for this year?

  • Move on from what happened in the past
  • Keep memories in the past
  • Do something completely unexpected, and yet totally awesome
  • Make new life-long friends
  • Write in my diary at least twice a week
  • Be a better blogger
  • Go out of the country again
  • Be a better archie
  • Write more articles for Niexter
  • Finish this thing I was supposed to have finished a long time ago
  • Start - or continue - and finish a writing project
  • Apply and get into that program… and succeed at it
*I'll check things off of this list when they happen.

I'll try to accomplish all of them, but there are some that might get eclipsed by bigger things… Things like that last resolution.

The main, overall goal of this year that's going to stay is the first one. It's been far too long since I should have started… I feel like I should say that I did try, back when 2010 started, but that didn't really work. I'm going to try again this time for real.

As for everything else in that list, I really hope I'll be able to fulfill them. Have a good year ahead, everyone.