Hopefully, It Won't Be All Rules

Jan 8, 2011 in ,

Today was the first day of English class for the year, and it was okay… The typical class size is 20, but we only have 12. I think 3 didn't show up today (out of the 12). At first, I thought the teacher's name was Matt, but it turned out to be something else, because I already know a Matt, and I grin like I-do-not-know-what whenever I hear that name. I'm already loud, so that isn't a very good idea. Plus, I scream David Archuleta whenever I get the chance, and also laugh uncontrollably for no particular reason at all. He seems quite nice. The class is really quiet though, which is a huge bummer considering my last class. Almost everyone went to the same class, but I decided to go to a different one because it's about literature. Their class is right opposite mine, and we have glass walls, so it's kind of torture to see everyone over there. There's also something else about not being in that class that bums me out, but I really rather not say it. I chose this particular class because the other one is basically grammar and such, while this one has literature in it… I know I made the right choice because of what we'll learn, but I'll still miss my old class. It was fun, and very, very loud.

One thing I won't forget is a piece of advice that a poet once gave to us. She said, "forget all the rules (in writing) that you learned in school, and throw them out of the window." This particular class is probably going to bring in some basic rules and stuff, but it's only the first class so I don't know what they're going to teach us. We'll see. I'm going to be upset if it's going to be a bunch of rules and terms, though. As much as I like fancy terms (I do, actually, in case you didn't know), I'm not such a fan of rules when it comes to writing.