I Completely Forgot What I Was Going To Say

Jan 15, 2011 in

Two nights ago, I had this brilliant idea for a blog post that could be edited into an article as well, but alas, that was two nights ago, and I can't remember it at all now.

That isn't the most irritating part, David. It's when I have a brilliant idea in the middle of the night, try very hard to remember it while half asleep, then promptly forget it when I wake up. Now that is irritating and drives me crazy, too. But David probably won't know how that feels like, because he's got a notebook at his bedside. He likes to write down his dreams too, so that probably gave him the ability to have his brain register and remember things when he's half asleep.

Other than whining about my lack of ability to remember things in the dead of the night right before I sleep, I have something else to say, too! I finally finished reading Scandal last night! It took an extremely long time, but I did it. The ending left me completely slack-jawed and with no words at all. I don't want to give anything away, but my friend was right. It's just such a strange, strange ending, though I'm not entirely unfamiliar with that context.

What am I reading next? The next two books of The Hunger Games! I'm ridiculously excited to read them, which means that if you're going out with me while I have that book in my hands, you might want to stay a few feet away so that you won't be associated with my shrieks.