It's Raining to Some Extent

Jan 29, 2011 in ,

It was gloomy and raining pretty heavily a half hour ago, but it's just a little dark now. I kinda liked the rain and wanted it to stay until before we go out for dinner. Ah well. I hear that it might rain in Manila, so perhaps the rain cloud travelled there. I ate my first yee sang a little while ago… For some reason I always end up having more than 1 lol.

I gave my teacher 2 poems that I've been wanting to publish in Unwritten Thoughts to get his opinion, and what he thought of them was quite interesting. He made a good point when he pointed out my lack of similes and metaphors. The things is that while I agree 100% with that and really liked the idea he gave me, I'd closed those poems a long time ago, and to edit them again would just feel wrong. That suggestion will have to wait for the next time I write. Another thing he pointed out was that those two aren't exactly relatable to everyone (those weren't his exact words, but that's basically it). Can't say I disagree with that. However, he isn't exactly my target audience for those two poems. I'd say that I would like girls to relate to it instead of a man.

Even so, that does have me thinking over whether or not I should publish that poem. I've already posted my chosen (if I do decide on it, I know which one I'm using) poem on my blog, but I want it to be a surprise.