Never A Last

Jan 7, 2011 in ,

A/N: Written not too long ago, this poem came somewhere around the time when I was having muse-related trouble. There's another A/N at the end.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be written;
My last poem for you.
It will hurt too much
To be afraid to speak to you;
Scared that I will have to stop my words,
And resist writing another poem.

I was going to tell you how I had loved you;
How my heart ached when you hurt me,
And how well I have moved on,
But maybe it’s for the best that I don’t.

This way, I’ll always have you,
And you’ll always have a piece of my heart
That’s been broken and mended; tiny in size,
But nevertheless yours to keep.

Yes, I have moved on,
But this doesn’t mean I have to say goodbye.
I’ll always love you somehow,
Just in a different part of my heart.

It’s better for us all this way;
My poems to you never a last.
Maybe I’m just selfish, holding on to you,
But my last poem for you wasn’t meant to be written,
And besides, you’ll never know that I’m writing for you…

A/N: It's a poem about contemplating writing yet another poem, and some other things as well. This one is another that's special.