Really Finished

Jan 18, 2011 in ,

Finally, today has come. After a year of on and off writing, and usually it being extremely intense when I'm writing it, I have finished this project. The final draft is complete at long last. One of 2011's goals can be checked off. If this post looks familiar, it's because I posted something like this back in October when I finished the previous draft.

I'm finally going to remove it from the work menu in MSW, and let it sit nicely in that folder I created too long ago. Even though it was at times exciting, an entire year was just too long for this project. I declare it officially finished. I'll see where this one goes… It might take a while, but the main thing is that it's finished and ready. If anything comes up, I don't have to rush to finish it.

Now I can really start writing something else, but first, I have to get myself excited for it. There's no way I'm going into this feeling daunted. In the beginning, it was something I was so in love with, but along the way, something good happened, but it distorted it completely. Now I've got to go back to where it started, and try to finish it from there.