Wandering Through Chinatown

Jan 21, 2011 in ,

It was a public holiday (Thaipusum) yesterday, so we decided to go to Petaling Street since we hadn't been there in a while. Well, I don't think I've ever been there… not that I remember anyway. When we got there, the weather was a little warm, but it was okay. After wandering around a bit, I got really hungry. As in, really, really hungry. So, we went for an early dinner. The tofu was really good, but the rest was just okay. Halfway through eating, it started raining! It wasn't that it'd been a bit cloudy then started drizzling, but there were a couple of drops, then very heavy rain.

After the rain cleared up, we went meandering (I've been wanting to use that word for a while, so YAAAY) again and had something to drink before heading on back. It was actually really nice… I liked the rain, haha. It reminded me of that tweet David sent a couple of years back about playing in the rain. The pitter-patter was also really refreshing, and exactly what I needed to clear my head a bit after thinking, thinking, and thinking some more.

Speaking of thinking, I've really got to work on this short story I started a couple of months back. I think I mentioned it a couple of times. There's something about love that breaks your heart, whoa oh oh oh the end that I just keep getting stuck on. There's also a flashback scene that I keep changing. It's basically just to show how close the characters are, so what happens doesn't really matter, but every time I finish the scene, another that seems so much more emotional jumps out at me. Right now, I've written two, and have one in my head. Maybe I'll just use all three as alternatives, since the rest of the story doesn't need to be altered (except for one word) for any of them. The ending also troubles me, because I'm not an expert in it, nor do I watch movies with these kind of scenes… I really want to ask for help here, but it's the last scene, and to ask would be to give away a major spoiler.