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Feb 24, 2011 in

My article for Unwritten Thoughts is a little bit different this week, and I really hope that you'll like it. You can find it in Niexter in the News Strait Times. I'll edit this post with a picture (I don't have it yet), as well as the article, so stay tuned!

EDIT: I love the quirky, fun pictures for this article!

Wherever you may be, there is always going to be an endless source of inspiration that surrounds you if you look hard enough. Whether it’s a plain wall you’re looking at, or a street full of people, everything has a story to tell. Walls can be drawn on and transformed into a piece of art, while ever stranger you see could become a character with a life of their own. And yet, the term “originality is dead” has spread like wildfire.

However, with the worldwide population at over 6 billion and rising each day, it’s impossible that no two – or perhaps thousand – people have not had the same idea. It happens everywhere, everyday. Just think of all the times the media has pointed it out when a celebrity makes the same move as another. Every “original” piece of work has, at least, a small part that was influenced by someone else’s work. Combined, little bits and pieces that could have been unknowingly taken from other people’s ideas might form a unique end product, but broken down, there is always an underlying template. The knight in shining armor has been swooping in to save the damsel in distress for centuries.

No one can honestly say that they have never liked something just because someone else does. It’s a part of human history to want to fit in, but in the process of that, most of us have also sacrificed a part of ourselves.

While ideas may be stolen, refashioned or torn apart, no one can take away who you really are. Try as they may, no one can be exactly like you. No one will like the same things that you do, or think and act like you, because you are the only you there ever will be. Don’t be afraid to be proud of who you are and bring a piece of originality into the world. Step out of the shadows of the world’s standards and be your own person.