Here We Go Again

Feb 5, 2011 in ,

I can't believed I opened up that reservoir of emotions. I've had my closure, and that was that. It was the only one I was ever gonna get. And here I am, writing this poem, and I already know how it will end - with me going back, back, and back some more. Why, oh why, did I ever do that? You know what? I'm just going to leave this poem unfinished, and go away. Write something else. Finish the final draft of my short story.

I should… but… I can finish this poem, and it goes against every precedent I've set for myself to not finish a poem unless I really can't. The ending will have to be good, then, otherwise, this will be a complete disaster.

EDIT: I finished it. It's not perfect, but it's good for closure. It's good for venting. But… it feels like a writing sin to not perfect this. Most of it isn't usable, but the concept is just too good to waste. Could I - should I - write a "fake" poem? I've written many before, but never one where the concept hits so close to home.