About My Sidebar

Mar 16, 2011 in

After adding something to my sidebar, I had to make it longer to prevent the content from spilling over, and for some reason, couldn't do it. I remember making sure I could lengthen it if necessary while making my layout, but I can't figure it out now. You might have noticed that my sidebar is either not there (scroll all the way down - it might be there), or strange looking. I'll fix it when I figure it out (which will be very soon. I can't stand having it like this), but for now, just hang tight. My posts are unaffected and you should be able to go back and use the navigation bar at the top too.

If you see nothing wrong (which means I've fixed it), please disregard this post.

EDIT: I managed to fix it!
NOTE TO SELF: The image is in the content wrapper.