Hot Air Balloons (and Tacos)!

Mar 21, 2011 in ,

Yesterday, we went to see the hot air balloon festival… It was fun, haha.

Think those look small? Well, check out this one below!

And now, this one! I love it when the flame lights up and illuminates the bottom part of the balloon…

After that, we went for dinner. I was psyched because we had nachos and I ate a lot of them.

Do you know how much I love nachos? I had nachos every single day for 3 days once. Every. Single. Day. I love tacos (hard shell) too, but unfortunately, we don't have them here… Well, I guess certain places do, but we don't have a TacoBell or DelTaco. That reaaally needs to change, because I miss Taco Tuesdays.