Ice Cream

Mar 11, 2011 in ,

I have a good excuse for making a post about ice cream this time! Yesterday's article (and entire issue) was all about ice cream.

If there is something that all of us love and won’t say no to, it’s probably ice cream. Just about everyone loves it, but no one quite knows how to explain why. It’s sweet, cold, and maybe one of the reasons why Malaysians in particular like it is because it provides a welcome chill in our tropical weather.

For those who are lactose intolerant and can’t eat dairy products, sorbet is a wonderful alternative to ice cream. It’s basically frozen water flavored with fruits, and it’s very healthy, being extremely low in fat. Whether you’re lactose intolerant or not, you should definitely try having sorbet.

For those who can eat ice cream, however, it comes in a variety of forms. Ice cream in a come, bowl, on a stick, and even fried are some types that have been embraced with open arms.

Fried ice cream may seem like a contradiction of itself and even impossible, but it does exist. Ice cream – typically vanilla – is frozen below normal temperatures before being quickly lit on fire. It doesn’t melt if it’s done right, and the result is a delicious creamy dessert with a charred twist to it. Another type of fried ice cream involves the ice cream being coated in breadcrumbs, cornflakes or other such materials, before being deep-fried.

Ice cream is said to have originated from China around 600 AD, and rumor has it that Kublai Khan kept ice cream a royal secret until Marco Polo paid a visit, taking the recipe back to Italy. There are some who argue that it was the Italians who first invented ice cream, but there isn’t any evidence to support either claims.

Some centuries later, in 1718, an ice cream recipe was published in London in Mrs. Mary Eales’s Receipts. In 1776, the first American ice cream parlor opened in New York, but in the UK, it was still a pricey treat. It wasn’t Carlo Gatti opened the first ice cream stall in 1851, selling ice cream scoops in shells for a penny that the frozen dessert became available to everyone. As you can see, ice cream has made a remarkable journey to get to where it is today.