Unicorns, Llamas, and Japanese Food

Mar 7, 2011 in

I had an exhausting dream last night… It was a great dream while I was in it, but it just gave me a heavy heart when I woke up.

Enough of sadness.

There's this beautiful unicorn origami by Roman Diaz, but since I didn't have the book, I looked for some other online instructions and found two. First, here's a pic of Diaz's unicorn.

Now for mine (both were made from different instructions, but I don't have the links).

The second one is okay, but the first looks like a llama.

See the resemblance?

That's it for unicorns and llamas for today. I had a really yummy dinner! My parents and I went for Japanese… Have I ever said how much I love Japanese food?

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Anonymous said...

Raw fish takes effect of biomagnification! limit your sushi intake lol.

Alicia said...

The fish I ate were air-flown from Japan and there is quality control. I also don't eat it too often. :p