Dare to Dream Big

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A/N: The title here pretty much explains what this article is about. Don't afraid to dream big, but also remember to work towards your dream, too.

Catherine “Kate” Elizabeth Middleton was born on the 9th of January 1982 to Carole Elizabeth and Michael Francis Middleton. She came from a middle class family, her mother being a flight attendant and her father an air controller. Tomorrow, all eyes will be on Kate as she walks down the aisle in Westminster Abbey to marry Prince William and makes a mark in history by being the first commoner in 350 years to marry a prince close to the throne.

So how did your girl-next-door end up engaged to the most eligible bachelor in the world – a prince no less? The answer is simple: she dared to dream about it. Instead of shying away from William and thinking that nothing would come out of their relationship, she did something about it.

It never did anybody any good to dream but pass their fantasies off as impossible without trying to make their dreams a reality. Someone with a dream of becoming a famous singer simply can’t fulfill their dreams if they never show anyone their talent, and an author won’t get publish if they never let anyone even know that they write. Everything requires some amount of effort, and certain things need more work, but the more time and energy you put into making something happen, the more it will be worth it.

Kate wasn’t afraid to dream about a life with the prince, and I admire her for her courage to do that. It isn’t always easy to dream big, because sometimes the fear of disappointment can get in the way, but it’s crucial to push that aside.

Where would people like Oprah Winfrey and J.K. Rowling be if they hadn’t dared to pursue their dreams? They might have been successful too, but they probably wouldn’t be the brilliant role models and billionaires that they are today.

Don’t be afraid to have dreams that are out-of-this-world because after all, there are footprints on the moon. The important thing is to also do something about those dreams. Put your foot out there and show the world what you’ve got, because you never know who might be watching and who might want to give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia! I've just read this article a few minutes ago. I didnt know that it was you who wrote it but was pleasantly surprised when i did. I've always taken life as it was given; took everything one step at a time. But your article reminded me to start dreaming and to work towards greater things:) Thanks!

Btw, i was there when you launched Last Chapter at MPH :)

Alicia said...

Anonymous - You're most welcome. I love to inspire people to work towards their dreams. :)

That's really cool! What's your name?