The Words Just Won't Come Out Right

Apr 16, 2011 in ,

I can't seem to get this poem down for some reason… it's been festering inside of me for so long now, but it just comes out all wrong. It actually isn't just one poem, but quite a few, and somehow, they're all tangled up…

There have been one or two that are okay, but I can't seem to put everything down. I know everything is a high expectation for something that's less than 200 words, but those that I've written don't even come close to what I really want to say. A poem that I tried to write a couple of days ago just came out wrong. It's not exactly wrong, but it's just horrible. I know what I want to say, but somehow, it came out as something that I wouldn't even want to read. Maybe it's the length of it. My poems are usually over 4 stanzas long, but this particular poem is inspired by a single memory, and a thought after that. Perhaps making it into 2 stanzas will do the trick.