Any Suggestions For the Redesign?

May 24, 2011 in

The header is just about done, but I would love to hear what you'd like changed in the background especially, the body, sidebar and footer too. Other than merely the cosmetics, what else would you liked improved on this blog? :)

Please leave a comment, tweet me @ if you have a twitter (if you don't, you should really consider getting one!), or email me. :)

3 Comments So Far:

Chiang Kah Yee said...

Hey :D you might wanna consider getting rid of the flying snowflakes? It's quite laggy :( (for my computer)

Alicia said...

Hmm, sorry. I didn't know they lagged. :s They were actually supposed to be just for Christmas but kinda stuck lol.

Chiang Kah Yee said...

ahahah no don't be sorry :p it's my lousy computer :p