Don't Stress

May 14, 2011 in , ,

A/N: This article is about life, and just taking it easy. After all, we only have one life to live here on earth. A big grin to the graphic team over at NIE, because I love the graphics on this one!

Life can be hectic sometimes, and when that happens, it gets hard to notice the bright side of things and put on a genuine smile in the huge whirlwind of it all. Sometimes when we have a lot on our plate, it’s virtually impossible to find the time to take a deep breath and appreciate the simple things in life, but those little things are just what gives life color and make it great.

Nothing can kick off a good day like a sunny and clear sky, but if it’s cloudy outside, you know what they say: those who love the sun have never danced in the rain. It’s fun to be outside, but it’s also nice to relax and listen to the pitter-patter of the rain too.

Being happy isn’t about having everything that you want. It’s about looking for the ever-present silver lining and not focusing on the grey clouds. Keeping a positive outlook on life is so much healthier than being negative. Did you know that it takes only 17 muscles to smile, while it takes 43 to frown? That’s a great example of why it’s so much easier to be happy compared to being upset.

Stressing out isn’t good, though a little can help motivate you to do well. As for worrying, I once heard that we weren’t born knowing how to worry. We learnt to worry from watching other people do it, and if we can learn to worry, well, we can unlearn it too.

Life isn’t perfect for anyone and no one can expect it to be, so instead of worrying and stressing out when things don’t go your way all the time, just let it go. Handle your problems carefully, and don’t exaggerate them. If you solve the little problems and make the big ones smaller, I think you know what will happen next.

In all the chaos, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses no matter what life throws your way, because there will always be something to make you smile, whether it’s a cloud in a funny shape, a smile from someone, or a pretty flower on the side of the road. Above all, remember that you’re loved.